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Respect, Plain and Simple

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Gevurah of Hod

Hi everyone, Jordan Drayer, the savvy millennial voice actress who's learning how to focus her humility. Today is four weeks and two days of the Omer. If you want to know more about the Omer and how it works, check out the links in the description.

Today is Gevurah of Hod, the discipline of humility. Like most things in life, moderation is the key, and we need to know when to give in to a person and when we must stand up. This is the hardest thing for people like me who were raised unable to say no or argue back for fear of punishment. Problem kids go two ways: either they grow up hating all authority and thus respect no one, perhaps even themselves, or they grow up withdrawn and unable to stand up for themselves, submitting to even the worst authority. These two ends illustrate our spectrum of Gevurah.

Starting with the first one, humility includes a level of respect for another, being aware of their personhood and/or their status and position if it's a company or a school. While we can argue all people are equal, let's use a hierarchy for illustration.

Do you really respect your boss, your band director, your teacher, your captain, even if they're younger than you? Maybe you don't like that person as a person, but I find that we must respect their title. They are the ones responsible for leading the company, the band, the soccer team.

However, if there are truly evil people in those positions, or they're a danger to the company or clearly unfit to lead the sports team, that's when the opposite side of the spectrum comes into play. We must stand up for the group or ourselves and demand a replacement or that they do a better job. If they can't, of course not violently, but remove them, fire them.

The exercise for today is to focus in on any reluctance you have to a certain thing and see if it originates from a healthy, humble place. What does this mean? Are you reluctant to do something because it's actually harmful, like jumping off a cliff without a paraglider, or are you reluctant because someone told you a long time ago you can't do it? Or are you reluctant to do something like for example singing because your ex-boyfriend loved that, and you want to continue hating him, so you won't sing?

For me, I'm reluctant to look men in the eyes because I think it'll make them think that I'm romantically interested in them. Why do I feel this way? I'll have to journal about it. Good luck as always, please like and share, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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