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How to learn even more about me:

Jordan Drayer on IMDb

Blooming Voices Podcast

I have a podcast with Dalia Ramahi, a fellow voice actress! Both twins, different ends of the millennial age spectrum, different religions, so alike, we talk about everything from books to religion to self-help :D

A D8 With Fate

A Dungeons and Dragons livestream I run with several friends! You can watch on Twitch or on YouTube.

My Voiceover Resume

Voice acting work and education.

How to learn more about voiceover

VO BOSS Podcast

A great resource for running your voiceover business. I do transcription work here.

Beginning Voice Actor Advice from Dee Bradley Baker

If you're a complete voiceover beginning, this was a wonderful resource for me.


Voice Over Rate Guide

If you don't know what's a standard fee for your voice-over job, or feel like the actor is asking too much, start here. I stick closely to these prices.


Thanks for subscribing!

Have I convinced you? Will you bring on a new party-member for your epic quest? Or perhaps you need more information and face-to-face conversation before you decide?


Either way, I’d love to get to know you too! Contact me for a quote on rates or a free audition, or even just to say hello. Conveniently we have so many ways to contact a person these days and to learn more about them.

  • Follow @puzies on Twitter (goes back to when my sister and I made up our own Pokemon in 1997.)

  • There’s also Instagram. You’ll see lots of nature and cat pictures.

  • Let’s connect on LinkedIn. I might be slower here, but I update it! 

  • There's trusty, old email! This is the best way to get a quick response.

  • Finally, you have 1-407-754-8944. If you text, I will call back. I’m kind of old-fashioned; I even listen to voicemail.

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