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Backstory in Full

~ Setting the Scene ~  

I've always loved entertaining! There's home videos of the Drayer kids singing "My Heart Will Go On." We loved to play our instruments for any of our parents' friends that visited. I even learned at a young age I could move people to tears by reading a very long and sad poem for a classroom Mothers' Day event. But instead of acting, I stuck with music for the longest time.


After graduating from Florida State in 2013, I was at a loss as to what to do! I went through school believing I’d play French horn in the London Symphony Orchestra for a career. Though I'd finished my music degree, I decided it wasn’t for me.

After a summer of seriously considering military service and existential crisis, I decided why not voiceover? It had always intrigued me, plus acting in general, since middle school, watching anime and behind the scenes extras to movies like The Lord of the Rings. So why not?​

~ So I Went For It ~​

I started to learn different voiceover styles and genres from various teachers. Suddenly I discovered a world of helpful, warm people, incredible voice talents, and fun times. My sister and I as kids kept up a nightly story, involving characters from favorite series, and I realized this was “doing the story” in real life, for money (not to mention that was good improv practice)! And I’m now in Los Angeles, veritable capital of animation, a dream come true.

~ How it Comes Together ~

You see, I use not only acting training but years of classical music education to achieve nuanced performance. To be a French horn player, you have to hear and feel nuances! After years of band and orchestra, you’ll also find me easy to direct; now you’re the conductor of this voiceover actor!

Music trained my ear to learn and act in accents easily. The list broadly includes several English accents such as Yorkshire and Cockney, Scottish, Irish, Australian, Russian, French, Japanese, Punjab, and American ones. I also speak French and Japanese and continue to study languages in general as a hobby (working on Spanish now).

~ More Personal Details ~

Let’s start with my love of travel. My list of visits includes many countries, given my short life, such as Tanzania, Japan, the Bahamas, places in western Europe, the UK, and New Zealand. I've also lived throughout the US. I was born in Houston, a kid in Las Vegas, and since then Orlando, Dallas, and now Los Angeles! 

I’m a huge nerd, so in my spare time, you can find me playing RPGs or puzzle games, reading fantasy books, watching anime or movies, or playing with my cats Huck and Valerian. I do yoga, walk, and drink a lot of tea too, so there’s a healthy tree-hugger side too.

Other jobs I've done or still do: closed captioning, transcription, hostess, server, catering, administrative assistant, English teacher, music teacher, Universal Studios cart attendant, lacrosse store worker

Have a listen to my voiceover demos here, or take a look at my services to help you in your quest, or how about we get in contact

If you're looking for a connection...

​If you're looking for a voice talent to fit a certain category of representation, here's some more info for you.

  • Graduate of Florida State University - Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Member of Sigma Alpha Iota (music fraternity for women)

  • Musician, classically trained, French horn and guitar player

  • Eastern European (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Hungary) heritage

  • Raised in a Catholic/Jewish household, now fully Jewish (adult bat mitzvah)

  • Texas born, raised in Nevada and Florida

  • Speak French fluently, conversational Spanish and Japanese

  • Classify myself somewhere between demisexual and asexual, use she/her pronouns

  • Well-versed in fantasy and sci-fi

  • Dungeons and Dragons player, along with normal board games

  • Teacher of English as a second language and music

  • Cat person

  • World traveling, hiking badass

  • Traditional "women's work" enthusiast - sewing, painting, embroidery...

Let's get in contact and talk about any one of these things!

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