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Jordan Drayer, millennial female voice talent, conversational, authentic, real, natural


Good Voice, Extremely Necessary

Why does your commercial need to be memorable? Because these 30-second things abound in our society, making it harder to capture anyone's attention. 


Your commercial's message must be clear while upholding what the company stands for. So what you need is a voice actor who understands this (ie me) who will do her best to make your product shine.


When you need an articulate voiceover, young and intelligent, I will make your story memorable. I can best help with:

  • Technology (mobile phones, VR, wearables…)

  • Health Care

  • Healthy living (yoga, health foods, exercise…)

  • Tourism (luxury vacations, family fun…)

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Automotive

  • Food and drink (grocery stores, restaurants, brands)

  • Political ads: attack ads, positive announcer, issues you care about, and those snarky, funny attack ads as well

Commercial Demo

Political Demo


Animation, Video Games, Anime...

I grew up loving animated movies and shows and playing many video games. I am so honored to give back to current generations of children with my own talents!


With a large range, my voice is suited for many archetypes in animation, anime, and video games. Female soldiers, teenagers, pre-teens, little boys, creepy witches, creatures, computers, and young moms are just a few. The breadth of vocal qualities includes articulate, nasal, stuffed up, vocal fry, rasp, breathy, gravelly, and sultry.


I have experience in dubbing, ADR, and improv, which is a ton of fun. Besides that, I do a variety of accents, and it’s quite easy to learn new ones too! As for voice matching, I've recently been working on Anna Kendrick, Scarlet Johansson, Aubrey Plaza, and Kristen Stewart.

Animation/Anime Demo

Video Games/Interactive Demo

Jordan Drayer, female voiceover, narration, professional, smooth, cool
Jordan Drayer, voice actress, corporate narration, young adult, professional


An Engaging Teacher

Narration - it's meant to teach, and people learn best when the teacher is not droning on with, "Bueller...Bueller..." Lucky for you, I am not only a voice actor but an actual (fun) teacher! Music, ESL, training coworkers, I've done years of it.


I possess the calm, authoritative pace required in corporate narration and explainer videos. If you want to engage younger listeners or employees, all the better! Casual yet in charge is my favorite style. I can keep their attention and educate. I can enhance your story, be it:

  • ​Audiobook
  • Training Videos

  • Industrial Narration

  • Technology/Product Explainer Videos

  • e-Learning

  • Corporate Narration

  • Medical Narration

  • IVR/Telephony

Narration Demo

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