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Disciplined Discipline

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Gevurah of Gevurah

Hi everyone, Jordan Drayer, the disciplined in discipline savvy millennial voice actress. Today is one week and two days of the Omer. If you're enjoying the series, please share! There's still plenty of time to get your friends in on this ancient self-help.

Gevurah of Gevurah, the discipline of discipline. Is your discipline disciplined? It sounds funny, but no, seriously, are you consistent with yourself? That's what this is all about. Is it not enough sometimes and excessive other times?

Of course, I believe in cheat days, like if we're talking eating healthy, and even that is something that can be written in to your diet. In that way, you're still disciplined, like if you always have it on Friday or something. This one can be pretty much anything. Am I consistently organized with my documents and my time? I personally don't believe anyone should say, "I don't have time!"

You've got to have at least five minutes somewhere in a day that, for example, goes from 7am to 11pm. Five minutes for breathing, meditating, talking to a parent. Time management discipline is what's lacking in people that say this. Okay, I should be more disciplined with my judgment, but just saying, this is a pet peeve of mine.

Is discipline a learned trait from our parents, from school, something natural, or all of the above? I think whatever it is, it's never too late to learn it. I used to eat ice cream every night, and I've now cut that down to the weekends. Not that I was ever a huge drinker, but I've cut that down to the weekends too, except special occasions during the week. It's little things like this that make discipline easy.

Setting limits for yourself, just as parents hopefully set bedtime limits and such for you. Saying "I can't sleep until I brush my teeth" or "I must call my mom at noon on Mondays," and then sticking to it. It takes like three weeks to set a new habit or some number like that, and during that time, I'd say one day at a time, just like any 12-step group. Try everything possible to get organized if that's really hard for you, such as bullet journals, different colored pens, sticky notes, Siri reminders, maybe getting a dog to help you exercise.

But it's important to try out one new thing at a time, not like five things. You want to eat better? Cut out one thing, like candy bars. Then later down the line, you could cut out something else, like butter. I'm just making stuff up; I love butter, but you get the idea hopefully.

This is where all the people who say they're going to go to the gym every day as a New Year's resolution fail, because they're trying too much at once. It'd be easier to start off with one or two days to get used to it.

I'm really passionate about Gevurah because discipline and organization is something I have always excelled in and am naturally good at. So I hope I can help you be a little better this week with my insights.

For today, write a short plan, maybe three items, about what you want to do this week or just today, and see if you can stick to it. Or choose one thing you want to change or get organized and figure out one small way to start that. Like if you're cleaning a garage, one small thing to do is look through one box and decide what to keep and what to throw away. See you tomorrow!

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