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Compassion in Discipline

Tiferet of Gevurah

Hi everyone, Jordan Drayer, the balanced in discipline savvy millennial voice actress. Today is one week and three days of the Omer. And please like and share!

Tiferet again is difficult to translate. We could say the beauty in discipline, the compassion, or the balance. How is love in discipline different from compassion in discipline? If you discipline a child because you want them to learn how to be a better human, you're disciplining them out of love. I'd say the compassion part comes in in understanding age-appropriate disciplines. This also works if we say balance of discipline, which I'll explain.

Our law system today could use some more compassion in discipline. The Black Lives Matter movement is fighting for this, and it's the idea behind defunding police and putting up community help groups instead. Instead of having police have to deal with events involving mentally ill people, we'd have more money for more trained and appropriate individuals to help them. There'd be lesser sentences for everyone accused in a minor first-time crime, or just possessing drugs would be not as horrible as selling or making them.

Some defensive people think defunding the police means no police at all. But it really means using them for their actual jobs of stopping criminals and thus making their lives easier in that they're not spread thin among settling marital disputes and other things where trained psychologists or others should be the go-to people. So it's compassion to the police as well.

Back to age-appropriate discipline. You wouldn't make a little kid sit in the corner for a whole hour. Some people today are even saying the "go to the corner" practice is too isolating. So I'd encourage reading child development books to learn what's best for each age.

I learned from the Cinema Therapy YouTube channel, about a psychiatrist who reviews movies, that saying, "I'm disappointed in you" to a teenager is more effective than "I'm angry at you." So it's things like changing our language that we have to learn to make the discipline work but also show you still love them.

I don't have anyone in my life that I'm in charge of right now as far as discipline, but this also works if you've gotten mad at a friend recently. Show compassion by trying to see things from their side, tell them how you can maybe understand why they did a thing, and if they've apologized, then move on. Good luck today. Please show me compassion and like and share this with your friends, and see you next time.

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