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Can You Actually Empathize?

Tiferet of Yesod

Hi everyone, Jordan Drayer, the savvy millennial voice actress who is working on keeping compassion forefront in bonding. Today is five weeks and three days of the Omer. If you want to know more about the Omer and how it works, check out the links in the description.

Today is Tiferet of Yesod, the compassion in bonding. This is essentially empathy. This is one of the most straight-forward days we've had. Is your bonding conditional; ie, are you a fair weather friend? Do you withdraw when uncomfortable with your friend's troubles?

Okay, so it's a straightforward definition, but not in analyzing it. Like let's say your friend came to you to talk about how they just murdered someone. How are you supposed to console them through this problem? If it was an accident, like they didn't know that person was allergic to peanuts, and they had the smell on their hand, then that's one thing. If they purposefully killed them, well, I hope there were warning signs that you shouldn't have been friends with this person in the first place. If they're one of those who "seemed normal," then we learn about their den of bodies, well, they probably aren't the talking type anyway.

Something less creepy, what if a friend comes to you and says they're getting a divorce? You really liked both of the spouses, so now what? I'd say listen to the person in front of you, then go talk to the other some other time if you need to. Listen and empathize, try to resist saying things like, "but you were so perfect for each other!"

What if they came about gambling debt or another addiction? It's good they're opening up about that; maybe you can look up treatments together. If a person was asking about money for any "good" reason like a car, that's up to you if you can help them. I think it's good to help where we can, and a lot of the times, that's simply listening and being curious.

Today's exercise is to offer support to another with their ordeal. I'd say don't go against your own values, but at least for today, don't tell them that. Just say you can't help, if you can't. If you can, ask them how; don't assume. Just like food shelters apparently need money more than your almost-expired food, ask what is most needed. Thank you for watching! I'd like support in getting my videos out to the world, so please like and share. See you tomorrow.

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