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"Those who tell the stories rule society." ~ Plato

Everyone has a story to share, be it a 30-second commercial or an hours-long video game. My quest is to solve your voiceover problems and make your story epic. Why?


Because I naturally love to help people. I'm efficient and want you to look good, to have a fun, stress-free time with your project. To that end, I'll get you exactly what you want, straightforward, no frills nor ego, on time.

Jordan Drayer, millennial female voiceover talent, young adult, confident, conversational, authentic

Voiceover Demos

Full demos are available to download from the player above. For individual tracks for each demo, you can click on the links below:


Some people think voiceover isn't acting, but never be fooled!

Even selling a commercial product takes acting

- that is, knowing how to best appeal to the target audience.

With years of experience from awesome coaches and my own work, you can trust me to serve you well. 


Conversational, authoritative, matter-of-fact, warm young mother - you've found an extremely versatile voice actress! Your brand is in good hands (ahem, voice) with me on the team.


Badass soldiers, cute kids, sassy teenagers, tons of accents, huge vocal age range - characters are my passion. Dubbing, ADR, video games, anime.. let's play!


An actual teacher, an articulate, young, engaging voice... what's not to love? Explainers, (corporate/industrial/medical) narration, audiobooks - count on me to get it done.

~What Voices Can I Do?~

My natural voice is intelligent, articulate, flat in the millennial style, and conversational. It’s lower than most young women’s voices. This adds a sense of authority, yet there's a connection to young adults. I can achieve these qualities as well:​

  • Raspy

  • Bubbly/excited

  • Bored/unimpressed

  • Sexy/sultry/coy

  • Girl Next Door/friendly

  • Nasal

  • Age Range: 5 - 40 years old

  • So much more...

How others have described me and my voice:

Word Cloud of descriptive words such as reliable, relaxing, caring, confident, calming, serious, smooth, genuine, intelligent, regal, friendly, clear, thoughtful

~Delivery on Your Terms~


You have many easy options to choose from when it comes to proceeding with your project.

  • You could designate a studio in Los Angeles from which we could do live direction.

  • We can do live direction with my home studio, through ipDTL, SourceConnect, Skype, or FaceTime. 

  • I can always just record it and send it to you through email, no direction required, just feedback after.

  • Pretty much any file type works. Let me know if you want longer tracks broken down though.

  • Seriously, let’s do whatever works for you and I will follow without hesitation.  


It’s your story, you choose the setting. I want to hear all about it. Let’s get in contact!


~ Setting the Scene ~  

I've always loved entertaining! There's home videos of the Drayer kids singing "My Heart Will Go On." We loved to play our instruments for any of our parents' friends that visited. I even learned at a young age I could move people to tears by reading a very long and sad poem for a classroom Mothers' Day event. But instead of acting, I stuck with music for the longest time....​

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Lana Burstein


Avail Artist Management

Andre Murphy




Thanks for subscribing!

Have I convinced you? Will you bring on a new party-member for your epic quest? Or perhaps you need more information and face-to-face conversation before you decide?


Either way, I’d love to get to know you too! Contact me for a quote on rates or a free audition, or even just to say hello. Conveniently we have so many ways to contact a person these days and to learn more about them.​

  • There’s Instagram. You’ll see lots of nature and cat pictures.

  • Let’s connect on LinkedIn. I might be slower here, but I update it! 

  • There's trusty, old email! This is the best way to get a quick response.

  • Finally, you have 1-407-754-8944. If you text, I will call back. I’m kind of old-fashioned; I even listen to voicemail.

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